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Interessant, informativ, genial!!

Scary Trend

Is it real, that there are much more Earthquakes over 6.0 in the last Year, then all Years before?

Maps missing

Since IOS 6 the maps dont work!

Great educational & monitoring tool

Worksike a charm! Easy to use, thoughtful options - like biggest, most recent & closest earthquakes. Zoomable graphical representation, links to data. Living in an earthquake zone, like to check it out. Good as an educational tool, too. Just add Canadian data and its a 5 star!


As soon as Canadian feed is added this app will top them all!


You will NOT have infos from most countries OUTSIDE USA. Check before buying.

When Coming to Canada

When come to Canada will be the best

A must have for Westcoasters

Living in Vancouver I love being able to keep an eye on things, $$ well spendt


Very useful, good overview, easy to operate. I like it!


Just add Canada

Excellent App!!

Well thought out and user friendly. No functional problems and does not crash or freeze, one of my favorite apps.

Fantastic app and it includes Canada too

Fantastic app and it includes Canada too


This App has zero problems and is super informative. Reports from all over the world in your real time. Great maps and locators. Very interesting to watch all the seismic activity around the globe!!

Wonderful APP

This APP is a "Benchmark" for all other "EarthQuake, Tusnami Warning Report APPs". This APP provides excellent information covering the entire world. This APP will allow the user to modify their own specific requirements. The screens are excellent and very user friendly to read and follow. The APP loads very quickly and moves from screen to screen easily. Very well done, many thanks.

Good, yet a few things could improve it

I like this app, very interesting info. However, if the developers could make the google map more able to move around, as when there is a quake on its edge of the map, say around NZ, its not possible to move the map over that area. Thats the first thing Id like them to do. The second thing is to be able to see more history, going back. Maybe a setting to do that would be possible. Other than those two matters, I like it, and recommend it.

Awesome app!!!

Use it all the time. Love it!!!!

I like it very much and I live in Canada



I love this app because it is so up to date. Too bad the tsunami report stopped working, they go hand-in-hand I would think.


If you like to see where the earth is rumbling this is the app for you. Great resource for Tsunami info too for those of us living on the globes coastlines.

Grear App!

Love this App..I check it every day for where earthquakes are happening. The map view is especially interesting. This app has lots of legitimately good and current information. Well done!

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