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Best quake app

Very intuitive and easy to understand

Best quake app

I am using this application on my iPhone 6S plus using iOS 9 and it works great. I have tried all the free earthquake apps, but this app is by far the best. Its worth the price of admission I can set a pin where Im tracking it and see all the earthquakes there and I can filter it closest to me etc. I can find out about a quake after a quake hits very quickly. Look no further this is the best earthquake app out there as Ive been using it for years and Ive tried them all.

Closest, really!!!

I love the app… But until it quits telling me that the closest earthquake is in eastern Turkey, when Im actually in Texas, Im a bit disappointed.

My go to earthquake app

I live in an earthquake prone area on the north coast of California. There was a hiccup recently with the USGS feeds, but the response of the developer corrected the issue. I have been using this app for several years, and I have tried others to track earthquakes. This app has been my go to app because it gives me the local coverage I want. Props to the developer for being responsive to issues. I like the pin colors that vary with magnitudes.

Abandoned App?

This app hasnt been updated since August of 2014, no wonder it isnt accurate anymore, use to be a great app

Great Layout but very delayed & No Alert

I really love this app. It has the best and easiest layout of all the quake apps. It has a lot of information thats easy to access. However I just noticed recently that the information is delayed a lot of times, sometimes by hours and a few times it was more than a day. It didnt used to be like that. Please fix this issue. Also what would make this app a lot greater is if it had an alert that you can set for earthquakes happening around you. With a cool alert sound. The other thing that would be really cool is if the fault lines were added to the map. That would take a little time but it would be nice to just have the major ones on the map, at least in California. I would definitely like to delete my other earthquake apps, but theyre the only one that alerts me with a voice that says "an earthquake has occurred!" And the other has a map of the faults. Would be nice to have it all in one app. If you could very soon, add an alert option at least, that would make this a 5 star rated app. I look forward to the next update.

Quake watch

It works for a little bit then unable to get the USGS feed. I emailed EQwatch and got an immediate response and everything worked. I love this app.

Excellent App!!

This is an excellent app. We had a moderate earthquake locally last night. The app had gathered and displayed all the pertinent information within minutes and continued updating itself as new information became available. Well done!


I have used this app for a long time. I live in Nevada,and just yesterday there were Earthquakes in the area and was posted soon after . I love the map that shows the quake location. Thank you for this great app.

My Go-To Quake app

Terry has done an amazing job of growing this app over the years. It is the app I check when I hear about a quake. His app gives you all the background about the event that you could possibly want.

Up to minute reports

This app is best go to for latest earthquakes anywhere in the world.

Loads wrong location.

Tried to download on 3 devices, keeps putting my location in wrong place.

Great application of technology!

This app exemplifies the benefits of bringing different technologies together to change how we see our world. Living in Southern California, I put this on my iPhones home page years ago and often show it to people when I am traveling. The way the app slices and dices the data is great, allowing you quick access to what is locally relevant and well as a global view. Definitely a "must have" app for global citizens.

What happened?

No longer getting notifications. Earthquake results are days old. Use to be a great app but not so much now.


Great App. Have had it for years. I live in California where we get a lot of quakes. Its nice to be able to see how many and how close they are each day. With iOS 9 they had a few bugs, but after emailing Terry, he fixed them right away and now the app is back to great.

Used to be my go to App for quakes

This used to be a great, informative app. 2-3minutes tops after I felt a quake I could check and be informed. Now it takes hours and sometimes days to update and see a recent quake. Please fix this issue and Ill give it 5stars again.

Not sure what happened to this app

I used to love it, because it had up to the minute info on quakes near me and around the world. Now it seems to be hours, even days behind - despite updating, refreshing the feed and even uninstalling/reinstalling. Not sure what has happened with this app, but what a shame......fix your bugs, Quakewatch!

Needs updated

Nice app. However the USGS data are not uploading

Quake watch something happened 3 weeks ago and USGS is not working. Therefore I get no info on US.

Speaking from Anchorage Alaska, its wonderful to have such quick access to information when you feel that random bump in the night, or the room starts shaking. Since most of the buildings are earthquake supported, the floors, especially in the larger buildings can vibrate with the heavy equipment rolling by. This app is especially helpful when we get that 4.0+ quake, and we feel the extra sway of the trusses! Love this app

Fabulous - Still!!!

Still fabulous and the customer support is fabulous as well... I emailed about the USGS feed, it stopped working and I got a reply on the best way to fix the issue in a couple of hours! Great app and Ive been using it for at lest 4 years. The best one that Ive found! You can set up this app to see the data you want and filter what you dont. It has additional data that can be set, not just USGS. They also provide the links in the app to set up email/ test notifications. For EQ or Tsunamis. Highly recommended. I just wish the Pacific Rim wasnt split on the map-thats the most active area.

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